what kind of sandpiper is it? – white-rumped, no: Baird’s

I try to identify this sandpiper – can you help? Seen on August 27th in Manzanita, coast of Oregon.
Please leave a comment! Thank you!
Suggestions so far are: White-rumped (thank you birdingdude) and first-fall Baird’s (thank you petemyers)

~ by Natalie on September 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “what kind of sandpiper is it? – white-rumped, no: Baird’s”

  1. From Twitter by birdingdude: The habitat the bird is in is not right for Baird’s, as they like dry land. Also the slight streaks down the sides.

  2. From Twitter by birdingdude: Tell a little more on the feeding habitats. Did the bird stay in the water or move onto the shore to feed?

  3. From Twitter by birdingdude: Np. Definitely sticking with White-rumped. The photo of the numerous peeps – you have a couple of Western Sandpipers.

  4. From Twitter by birdingdude: In your last photo of the peeps. You can’t miss Westerns with that front heavy look and the bill. One is pretty clearly seen

  5. I start believing that ID sandpipers is as hard as ID gulls!

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