Birding and Social Media in Switzerland

Gunnar Engblom from kolibrixexpeditions is holding a free 31-day workshop on social media for birders. Here is day 1 with some background information.
Like Gunnar describes, birding is a social hobby. But sometimes I like to be alone, enjoying nature all to myself. I have to admit that, first, being alone in small Switzerland is not that easy and, second, without the internet it would have taken me much longer to know the birds and get deeper into birding.

For Switzerland this page is the best for bird sightings:
This birding portal has been growing enormously in the past few years. Everyone can put sightings and photos. About three years ago I was only looking and didn’t participate myself. One day I have decided to contribute some pictures – and that’s how I started. Now I’m used to checking the site. Like that I learn what kind of birds are present and where. By looking at the photos I am getting better in identifying the birds. Without that page I would have not known that there is a black stork wintering nearby, the cattle egrets visiting once or the bohemian waxwings who came from the north in big numbers last winter.

Bohemian Waxwing, January 2009 in Zürich

As sort of a nice side effect: I get my bird lifelist for Switzerland.
The input is checked by ornithologists and the data is also used for scientific research. Like that, hundreds of birders are gathering data “for free” and help monitoring our birdlife.

But I have to admit it’s not really a social media page. There is no possibility for interacting with the other users.

Another Swiss page worth looking at, with wonderful photos of birds not only from Switzerland, and the possibility to add comments to pictures:

I haven’t found any Swiss birders on Twitter so far. Therefor I’d say that the social media for birders in Switzerland has some room for improvement. If you know of anything please post a comment.

~ by Natalie on January 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Birding and Social Media in Switzerland”

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  2. Thanks for taking part in the workshop. It is a smart way to link a comment to an blog post on the subject – as long as it is personal and not commercial.

    • Thanks Gunnar for your comment.
      Maybe I can find out about social media activity in the Swiss birding community, like this.

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