becoming a birder – thanks to the bird flu

I have always loved nature with it’s animals and plants. Being stunned by all the colors, forms and varieties. Once I focused on butterflies for about two seasons. But now that I look back I realize that I have always been taking pictures of birds as well.
It is about three or four years ago – in the “winter of the bird flu” – when I took a walk with my girlfriend along the river just behind the house we live in. On a half hour stroll we counted about 15 different bird species. And since I took some photos I decided to do something special for my godchild: a card game we call “Quartett” where you have four cards of one kind and you have to collect them during the game.
I started taking pictures of every bird with an OK-camera and tried to get four different photos of the same species by the end of June – my godchild’s 6th birthday. My thoughts were, that she wouldn’t know all these birds when the bird flu would do the horror they’ve predicted: kill all the birds. Luckily this wasn’t the case.

That is the time when I consider myself becoming a birder: taking pictures of every common bird, starting to see more birds, realizing there are little differences that makes a tree sparrow not a house sparrow.

But what to do with all the sightings and the photos? Soon I found a wonderful Swiss birding page, where everyone can put their sightings and pictures. First I was only watching, considering myself not pro enough to contribute. But with some nice pictures I started putting down my sightings and becoming part of the birding community in Switzerland.

My first pictures on

Blue Tit - Blaumeise

Great Tit - Kohlmeise

~ by Natalie on January 17, 2010.

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  3. I think that I began to think of myself as a birder when, like you, I started noticing the tiny differences between closely-related species like chipping sparrows and house sparrows.

  4. Great shots of the Blue and Great Tits Natalie. I’m glad you became a birder! I became a birder when I saw my first Burrowing Owl in the driveway in front of us and I had to buy a field guide to identify it.

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