Eurasian Coot – Fulica atra

I am an Eurasian Coot (fulica atra) and I look like this:

They tell me, I have big feet.

Well, this is true. But with this big feet it’s easier to stand on just one.

or do some exercice

I can walk, too

or sit in the green

but most of the time I am in the water. After my diving I pop up on the surface.

Sometimes I’m angry or doing the courting – I’m never sure of the difference…

But I get really angry if those Moorhens come too close – or the gulls as you can see on this video.

They tell us, that we don’t look so cute when we’re little.

We’re much cooler when we’re teens.

And then my shield starts to grow.

And sometimes I’m getting bored with my all black feathers and then I grow some white ones. Ok, no, I’m partly albino leucistic – but happy with that. I get photographed a lot.

Coot behind bars – but in freedom: here

~ by Natalie on March 14, 2010.

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  1. […] These two teenaged Eurasian Coots were preening on that piece of wood they stood since they hatched some weeks ago. Pictures take on the Lake of Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland. Earlier I have posted a “portrait” of Eurasian Coots. […]

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