Short hike in the Toggenburg

Trying to escape the heat in Switzerland this weekend we went up into the mountains. Just for a half a day trip. We were up on 1500 meters by nine in the morning (thanks to the chair-lift) and did a little hike along a Toggenburg Panorama Trail.

We didn’t see many birds, but heard some – and I still cannot identify them by their song. I was able to take some photos of the Water Pipit – anthus spinoletta. In German it is called Bergpieper what would be the “Mountain Pipit”.

We also saw a little rabbit jumping through the grass. At the end we took a little wooden box-lift (a max of 4 adults an 2 children is allowed) that took us down to the valley again.


~ by Natalie on July 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Short hike in the Toggenburg”

  1. Beautiful scenery and what a great way to beat the heat down in the valleys. I find it very frustrating when I can’t identify the bird songs.

  2. Thank you Mick for your comment. Yes, it is very frustrating to hear birds and not knowing what they are. But that makes me appreciate fall and winter even more, because then I can see them!

  3. Beautiful shots of PIPIT

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