Feather Friday: Books and such

The other day I bought the book from Bill Coster “Creative Bird Photography” in German though (“Vögel richtig fotografieren”). What almost always happens when I’m in bookstores: I’ll pick up another one – it’s one on bird feathers. What’s important for me is, that it is on European birds and they are sorted by colors.  Einhard Brezzel “Vogelfedern. Federn einheimischer Arten nach Farben bestimmen”. It helped me identify this one, as a Mallard:

There’s also a Website in German: Federbestimmung and one in English The Feather Atlas.

~ by Natalie on August 13, 2010.

9 Responses to “Feather Friday: Books and such”

  1. This would be a very interesting book to have. Thanks, also, for the link to The Feather Atlas which I will bookmark for future use.

  2. That sounds like a very interesting book and the web site is very interesting too. I have a friend who is photographing Terns each month to make a record of how and when they moult their feathers. Fascinating stuff.
    I also read your post about different names for birds in different countries. I share you confusion for similar birds out here too – especially Terns.

  3. Neat! I’m sure I’d love that book. I saw a Dutch book this week called Vogelsporen about identifying feathers, nests, footprints and even owl pellets. Unfortunately it was not for sale.

  4. Great post and image. The book would be good to id what bird the feather came from.

  5. Very cool. Thanks for the link to the feather resource too.

  6. Great info! Thanks for the link…I wasn’t aware of that site.

  7. Interesting post.

  8. I never knew there were books about feathers only. Now I do.

  9. A book on bird feathers–what a great idea! Nice shot–thanks for sharing. 🙂

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