Moth Monday – Bee-Hawk

Some kind of a Bee-Hawk Moth. I took the photos in Nepal. Does anybody know the exact name?
update: @rangerous told me it it a hummingbird clearwing moth, sort of a sphinx moth.

Moth and me

~ by Natalie on August 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Moth Monday – Bee-Hawk”

  1. How cool… It is so hard to get nice pictures of it. I’ve tried several time with a 300mm lens but not too easy. These pictures are really nice.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I also thought, I was very happy to get it in the right light. Actually I was using a 300mm lens…

  2. WOW, die ist klasse!
    So aehnliche hatten wir in Korea. Den Namen hab ich aber auch nie gelernt.
    Tolle Fotos!

  3. A nice looking creature there DF and well captured because I dont suppose it slowed down any for you to take pics?

  4. Very nice photos. They are so captivating, especially when one actually takes the time to observe the smaller aspects of nature. It can help foster a whole new appreciation.

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