Getting through the cold times of the year

Now that fall is here on the northern hemisphere and winter is approaching, we might all need some ideas on how to fight a sore throat. This is a list of treatments put together by a bunch of friends – the initials indicate the originator of the ideas. Thank you all so much!

  • pastille: sage (N.R.), elm, Riccola, yes, the Swiss stuff (S.S.) – zinc tablets at the beginning (R.W.)
  • candy: sour candies (B.J.), licorice (J.B.),
  • drops/tincture: Echinacea (K.K., N.R.)
  • drinks: hot lemon tea with honey (B.J., E.S.) – Throat Coat Tea (K.K.) – hot fresh lemon tea with fresh ginger (N.R.) – clove tea (J.B.) –Hot Toddy (K.W.)
  • other: gargle with warm salt-water (S.S., K.W.) – chicken soup (E.S.) – nose spray (R.W.) – quit job (S.S.)

~ by Natalie on October 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Getting through the cold times of the year”

  1. Chicken bouillon, with a dash of extra salt in the hottest water you can make, is very soothing. I prefer adding chives, but sometimes they get stuck in the throat.

  2. Thanks for the list of remedies! Hopefully I won’t need them anytime soon, but will know where to look the next time I need to soothe a sore throat.

  3. Exactly what I have intended with that list: a place to look. But first I wish you no soaring sore throat!

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