European Mantis – Mantis religiosa

On my hike around Puycelsi I saw different insects, grasshoppers and butterflies. I first thought this was a grasshopper too but then was very happy to see my first wild Mantis – also known as Praying Mantis.

~ by Natalie on October 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “European Mantis – Mantis religiosa”

  1. Brilliant,
    These are all over my yard, Love watching them.

  2. Awesome–the one looks like a butler or a waiter in a fancy restaurant!

  3. I truly believe that you have a gift for seeing things with your heart and your soul rather than with your eyes. Your pictures just get better and better!!

  4. I love them!
    I think I’ve seen only one in Europe.
    I got to see them more often in Korea and once could watch one eat a bee 🙂
    Beautiful photos!

    • This one didn’t move a lot and this was nice for the photos. But being able to take one while she eats something would’ve been awesome 🙂

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