Two lifers

The Holidays in Northern Germany also brought me two lifers. Due to excitement or bad light the photos of the two are not too good. But still I like to share them with you.

The little one first: Crested Tit – parus christatus – Haubenmeise

And the big one next: White-tailed Eagle – Haliaeetus albicilla – Seeadler


~ by Natalie on November 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Two lifers”

  1. Love the White-tailed Eagle photo. The color contrast is so striking! It almost looks like someone took a piece of powder blue construction paper and cut out the shape of the Eagle. Love it!

  2. Wow congrats on both of them. i still have to see the first one which has never been seen in Iceland, but I could probably get it in France 😉 I’ve seen the white-tailed eagle over here but too far to get a shot!

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