Results from the waterfowl count

It was a superb day – almost 10 hours outside with the sun shining – but not as many different birds as expected. And I didn’t take one photo!

Here is the result of our count:

Grey Watail – Bergstelze: 3
Common Coot – Blässhuhn: 586
Common Sandpiper – Flussuferläufer: 1 (a lifer for me)
Common Merganser – Gänsesäger: 6
Grey Heron – Graureiher: 7
Great Crested Grebe – Haubentaucher: 15
House Duck – Hausente: 1
Mute Swan – Höckerschwan: 15
Hybrid Duck – Hybridente: 1
Red-crested Pochard – Kolbenente: 1
Great Cormorant – Kormoran: 42 (Sleeping place around 5 pm: 63)
Common Teal – Krickente: 28
Black-headed Gull – Lachmöwe: 268
Northern Shoveler – Löffelente: 7
Yellow-legged Gull – Mittelmeermöwe: 6
Tufted Duck – Reiherente: 51
Common Goldeneye – Schellente: 17
Gadwall – Schnatterente: 7
Mallard – Stockente: 181
Common Pochard – Tafelente: 30
Common Moorhen – Teichhuhn: 8
Little Grebe – Zwergtaucher: 28

~ by Natalie on November 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Results from the waterfowl count”

  1. oh – I forgot that we also saw a Merlin – another lifer 🙂

  2. Wow did not take one picture 😉 How come… Nice you saw lifer, it is good time to time to have that… You still got an impressive list of sighting.. You should just come in Iceland in winter and see how poor the lsit will be 😉

    • Thanks Chris for commenting.
      The stretch is about 8 kilometers long and we had to do some extra places to count the birds and so there was just no time for photos… next time in January I hope the weather will be just as good and then I’ll have to take pictures! 🙂

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