A Walk in the Snow – Part I

It is exactly three weeks ago that we did the National Waterfowl Count – in mid-November it was sunny and very warm. Today I was at the same place, it was also very sunny but there were three to four inches of snow covering the ground. Today I wasn’t counting but taking photos. There were lots of birds and because of the snow I will do a post with white birds.

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~ by Natalie on December 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “A Walk in the Snow – Part I”

  1. I like the theme of all those white birds. I don’t think I’d like watching and photographing birds with snow around!

  2. Every time I look at your pictures I think, “Wow! Such a gift!” Have you thought of doing a calendar? If you didn’t want to make money from this activity, you could donate some of the proceeds to your favorite charity.

    Either way, love, love, love your pics. My favorites today are the ones with water.

  3. Beautiful closeup of the swan…

  4. great closeup on the mute swan. Love that one. Glad you left out the snow. We have enough!

  5. Superb set of pictures… Wonder why we do not have snow over here yet 😉

  6. Love this set of white birds. It’s a great idea for a theme!


  7. Nice photos! Send some of these gulls to the east coast of the US please!

  8. Beautiful shots of the white birds Natalie! I especially like the composition of the Mute Swan close-up. Very nice.

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