World Bird Wednesday – Birdquiz

On my walk on Saturday I managed to take some photos that qualify for a quiz. Can you name the birds?

#1 this one looks a little special from that angle, it took me a second look to know what it was:

#2 the fighters:

#3 a look from behind:

#4 no, it does not have three legs:

#5 the little one:

#6 hiding the beak makes it difficult

#7 looking for the one in the front – it’s not the same as the one in the back

#8 the final one: thank you that’s enough

See more birds from around the world on World Bird Wednesday

~ by Natalie on December 7, 2010.

15 Responses to “World Bird Wednesday – Birdquiz”

  1. I failed the quiz, but really enjoyed the pics!

  2. #4 is a Three Legged Ruddy Turnstone with winter plumage?! Yes/No? This is going to take awhile! Great Idea. ;-)WBW

  3. Too tough for me, Australia has different birds except for a few common European imports. Interesting shots though.

  4. Australian birds are different and I would have to know what shorebirds visit your area to guess at #4! Interesting photos.

  5. I guess I’ll go with a Common Merganser for #1. I’m not quite sure about beak color though. Oh, these European birds!

  6. Pretty. Does pretty count?

  7. Sorry…I’m not even going to “guess”.:-D)

  8. Excellent shots for a quiz.
    Common Mergansers are residents here too. they visit my pond quit often. Also the Hooded variety.
    #4 Looks like a Sanderling? MB

  9. A great selection. Not very good with quizzes, but I’ll have a go;
    1 female Goosander; but already been guessed lol
    2 I’d say Coots. They’re always fighting over something.
    3 A Little Grebe. Like a little powder puff from behind.
    4 Hmmm, waders are my nemesis lol I’ll guess Sanderling
    5 A Goldcrest?
    6 If the beak is a clue, then a Curlew; but a real stab in the dark lol
    7 No idea lol
    6 Moorhen?

    Thanks. I enjoyed this 🙂

    • wowooza there is someone who knows a lot:
      #1 Female Common Merganser, yes!
      #2 absolutely! Eurasian Coots of course
      #3 exactly
      #4 – there is one to keep on guessing
      #5 – no Goldcrest
      #6 stab in the dark with a lucky punch!
      #7 – no other name 😉
      #8 yep!
      C O N G R A T S ! ! ! Glad you had fun.

      So we still need, 4 and 5 and 7 …

  10. No idea but it is an interesting quiz!

  11. I tried leaving a comment some days ago but obviously it didn’t work!

    I agree with Keith’s (Holdingmoments) suggestions for 1,2,3,6 & 8.
    4 = Dunlin
    5 = Greenfich?
    7 = Tufted Duck?

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