World Bird Wednesday – Lapwing

It surprises me that so many Northern Lapwings (Vanellus vanellus – Kiebitz) are still here or will stay during winter. I saw two on my Walk in the Snow flying right by (see the other posts part I, part II, part III) .

Check out World Bird Wednesday for more bird photography.

~ by Natalie on December 14, 2010.

15 Responses to “World Bird Wednesday – Lapwing”

  1. The detail on the first picture is just amazing. The other thing that surprises me is how different the bird looks in the second picture than in the first. You must have an amazing eye and memory to be able to recognize so many different birds from all angles.


  2. Great photos of the Lapwing in flight.

  3. I continue to be amazed at how wonderfully you capture these birds in motion! More great photos…thanks!!

  4. Great in flight photos showing both the upper and under parts of the bird.
    The Northern Lapwing is so very different to ours in Australia.

  5. Great catches DreamFalcon! I love the Bird in Flight shots. Also I look forward to the Tree Year blog. Would one just randomly submit or is it weekly/monthly?
    Your “walk in the snow” series is great!

  6. Love your post and your blog. It seems like most bird blogs are in England or the States, it’s nice to see Switzerland get represented as well! I’ve linked to your blog in my blogroll, if you’d like, take a look at my sight and do the same if you wish. Good birding!

  7. Excellent flight shots. The twinkling effect as the light catches the changing wing colour is a distinct giveaway for this colourful wader. FAB.

  8. Great flight shots.
    I love these birds; great aerial acrobats, and an unmistakeable call.

  9. What a pretty bird! I love your photos–nicely done!

  10. Wonderful photos! I am surprised how much white there is under the wing in contrast to the black on top!

  11. Such a fascinating bird — really nice shots of it in flight!

  12. Northern Lapwings are beautiful birds. I photographed them when visiting Germany. Lately there have been some reports of Lapwings in Connecticut probably carried there by a storm. I wonder what they are feeding on in the snow.

  13. Great shots of these flying birds.

    We have some colonies of storks that are now spending winter here in Portugal. It started two or three years ago and the only reason has to be climate changes…

  14. Lapwings are fun. I love to try to catch them in a good shooting angle. Thats not easy as they are so fast. But having digital, number of shots does not matter. Just having fun. 🙂

  15. Yet…another bird I have never seen! Super in flight captures!

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