World Bird Wednesday – Jackdaw

The other week on a WBW post on Alpine Choughs Arija asked if the locals called them “Bergdohlen” – and yes, they do. There is also a bird that is called only “Dohle”. So here is another black bird the Jackdaw (Corvus monedula – Dohle), also called Western / Common / Eurasian Jackdaw.

I like their light blue eyes and long legs – compared to the short ones of the pigeon.

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~ by Natalie on December 21, 2010.

20 Responses to “World Bird Wednesday – Jackdaw”

  1. What a handsome fellow! I like those eyes too. Nice photos!

  2. They are such neat birds! Remind me of my childhood. That’s why decided to name my blog after them. Love your pics!

  3. Really nice looking little bird. They resemble the Common Grackles we get over here in the states. I’m still a big fan of the Choughs you posted before.

  4. The pop-up eyes definitely look fantastic! Wonderful birds and shots.

  5. I love the white/gray “hood” (correct term?). It gives them such a distinct profile!

  6. Your right, what an elegantly shaped bird! It reminds me of a Cat Bird. There is something poetic about your last image of the Jackdaw perched on the iron railing. It’s almost Poe-esque. Fantastic! ;-)WBW

  7. Interesting shots! Love the grey to black tones of the feathers!

  8. Good detail on the feather colouring; Nice job. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  9. Are they your version of crows? If so, I assume they are smarter than the average bird.

  10. I have loads of these beautiful birds in the trees i view from my patio. Great pics of a favourite of mine. I love the bright eyes…

  11. Very cool blue eye!

  12. There blue eyes and grey cloak really set them apart from the rest. Smashing birds, intelligent, and very gregarious.
    Love that second shot.

  13. we don`t have these birds here in least I haven`t seen any,beautiful bird!phylliso

  14. Love those eyes! Wonderful colors

  15. Beauty! Love the blue eyes too!

  16. They are gorgeous birds.

  17. The eyes certainly set him apart from the others.

  18. There are one thing about jackdaws that I don´t like. They sit on the roads eating of the salt I think. It is strange they are rarely killed by cars.

    No, the Swifts are not in Sweden now. The pics was shot last may.

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