World Bird Wednesday – Teal camouflage

This is how camouflage works: colors and patterns and adding the mirroring on the water… can you find the Eurasian Teal (Anas crecca – Krickente) in these photos? It’s always a male and a female – does that help?

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~ by Natalie on December 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “World Bird Wednesday – Teal camouflage”

  1. Great images. If you hadn’t added the text I would never
    have spotted the Teal

  2. Oddly enough I was able to find them in each picture. Tough to do so!

  3. Great captures. How in the world did you not flush them? The reflections made it complicated to see them but the enlarge helped and really made them look cool! That had to be one cold day to be out with camera in hand. ;-)WBW

  4. Good sequence of nature in action. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Two of our daughters are home today and they are now convinced their mom is NUTS when they heard me shouting out, “I SEE THEM! I SEE THEM!” And they’re lovely!

  6. Experts at camouflage. No wonder they can be difficult to spot.

  7. Darn, they are really hard to find 😀
    But I saw them.
    Cool catches!

  8. Wow! Good camouflage – they are really hard to see!

  9. Great example of camouflage. I had trouble finding the teal even knowing they were there.

  10. Now THAT’s a great image – so tough to spot those ducks. It took me forever to find them! Happy New Year! You have a terrific site… thanks for sharing.

  11. Very nice compositions Natalie. I don’t know how you spotted those birds but these are great shots! I have the same trouble finding Green Herons on the bank but I have learned their habits and have an easier time spotting them now.

  12. it´almost impossible to see. If it waas not for the eyes I
    wuldn´t have seen it..

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