Swiss Flamingo

It was the last days of 2008 when a  Flamingo was reported to the Swiss Ornithological Website ( Usually there are no Flamingos in Switzerland and for sure no Chilean Flamingo, because that’s what it was. Zurich Zoo counted their Chilean Flamingos and said they didn’t miss one. The Flamingo was doing quite good even though it was very cold. But some administrations decided to shoot it – out of some strange reasons. When it was dead they were able to say that it did escape from Zurich Zoo.

Well here is to the Swiss Flamingo that I was able to see on January 3rd 2009.

Swiss Chilean Flamingo

and some of its buddies who where also there in the cold:

White Stork

Great Egret

Greylag Goose

and some buddies from the Zoo later in the year:

Chilean Flamingo @ Zurich Zoo

Chilean Flamingo @ Zurich Zoo

~ by Natalie on January 3, 2011.

17 Responses to “Swiss Flamingo”

  1. This reminds me of the Far Side cartoon of 2 bears standing on an urban street: “Well, we’re lost; it’s just a matter of time before they shoot us.” Truly, any time there is a story of an animal out of place–bear, elk, deer, bat, birt– you know it will end with: authorities were called and the animal was shot.

    The flamingo and egret photos could have been taken on Sanibel Island, FL! The deep pink/orange color is affected by the flamingos diet of shrimp/fish. Very tropical looking for Zurich.

  2. These are all beautiful pictures of birds I’ve never seen except the Chilean flamingo seen in Valparaiso in 2008. Happy new year BTW…

  3. Killing seems a bit extreme. Couldn’t they have trapped it and just returned it to the zoo?

  4. So beautiful and so unexpected!!!!

  5. What a strange sight seeing the flamingo must have been. Too bad the authorities decided it had to be shot. I assume they reasoned that it could not survive where it was and could not be returned to where it belonged due to the fear of spreading disease it may have picked up in the wild. Still, that it was killed is sad.

  6. The close ups are excellent. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon, River, Canada.

  7. A heart rendering story story to be sure. I suppose there is always a chance that the butterfly effect will take effect and an escaped Flamingo will forever change the ecology of Europe. But really? It would have been interesting to sit in the war room on that one. SWAT team alert! Scramble! This is where we put our training to the ultimate test! I wonder if they took his cold feathery remains back to the zoo as a warning to the others?

  8. Beautiful birds…and captures.

  9. Great photos. The flamingos are so beautiful close-up but the photo of the lost one out by itself is very special.

  10. Beautiful birds and such lovely colours. Great images.

  11. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 Lovely photos ~ so sorry to hear that the flamingo was killed. I enjoyed your video of the mallard’s courtship routine which I have never noticed although we have many living here. I will definitely take a closer look at their behaviour now that I know what to look for. Thanks…and a Happy New Year. I have added your site to my bloglist.

  12. Wonderful photos! I cant imagine a flamingo in cold water-

  13. Terribly sad how dumb those people were to shoot the bird… Your photographs are amazing and beautiful…as always.

  14. Why the hell did they have to shoot it?!
    That’s so sad.
    I would expect that from the authorities here, but not in Europe 😦
    Couldn’t they use narcotics? 😦

    Lovely shots though – love the storks 🙂

  15. Miraculous to see those flamingoes together. The first image is like a dream. Such an interesting post.

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