Gray Heron – Ardea cinerea

Today I was lucky: first, the sun was out and second the Gray Herons (Ardea cinerea – Graureiher) felt like sitting on trees today. Posing for some nice photos.


Gray Heron - Ardea cinera

Far away on the top of a tree

... a "tufted" Gray Heron

back view

Gray Heron in its full beauty

~ by Natalie on January 7, 2011.

13 Responses to “Gray Heron – Ardea cinerea”

  1. A most beautiful series of photographs! Such elegant birds. Fantastic!

  2. That’s very beautiful bird! I like the first photo best.

  3. I was SO happy to get the update that this post was out. Seeing your pictures are the highlight of my day.


  4. That is one good looking bird! I love seeing herons up in trees. After watching them stalk prey on a beach somewhere, it feels strange to see them roosting high off the ground.

  5. Congratulations on your terrific clear and detailed photos of the heron. Lovely to see the blue sky background as well. Very helpful when the trees are unencumbered with leaves!

  6. Fantastic shots of the heron.

  7. Nice pics, they do look a little out their element high in a tree don’t they? Looks like there is a good population of gray herons where you are.

  8. Gorgeous bird and shots!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I’ve never seen herons in the trees before. They are beautiful!

  10. Oh my …. these are FANTASTIC! What a beauty!

  11. These shots are simply gorgeous!

  12. Great photos!! My favorites are the first and second. Wonderful detail!

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