European Siskin – Carduelis spinus

The only photos I was able to take during last weekends Waterfowl Count was the ones from the European Siskin (Cardelius spinus – Erlenzeisig). They jumped around in an Alder in a flock of about 20 birds or more. It was a beautiful sunny day and so the yellow feathers of the male “glowed” nicely.

~ by Natalie on January 19, 2011.

12 Responses to “European Siskin – Carduelis spinus”

  1. What a lovely sight that must have been. Such beautiful birds. I love the upside down image. Wonderful series!

  2. So beautiful! I especially love the first one. You captured the sense of movement so well!!

  3. What tree is is it on?

  4. Active little acrobats!

  5. In the 5th photo, the bird seems to be perched parallel to the ground, but still looking into the camera. Coo!

  6. Lovely photos! The fruits look like our American alders, but I’ve never seen so many fruits on one tree. Is that a large tree?

  7. Beautiful bird. I imagine it was difficult to photograph as it flitted about the tree.

  8. The European siskin is a new species to me. We have pine siskins in these parts, but have not seen this particular bird. Nice photographs by the way, especially the first one where you captured the bird in action. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful sight, but the pictures seem to be quite hard to take 😉

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