Plain Bark

Having started the Tree Year Project in December last year I started looking closer at everything tree related – what a surprise… Here is a selection of plain bark patterns and forms. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

~ by Natalie on February 22, 2011.

16 Responses to “Plain Bark”

  1. Interesting to dig deeper into things we are used to see and realize they are quite special and offer opportunities of pictures. This is beautiful!

  2. I LOVE tree bark! Great captures!

  3. These are some of my favorite pictures. I love the colors and textures. “Plain” doesn’t seem to be an appropriate descriptor for the bark!

    You take such beautiful photos!!

  4. Hey, may I use this for Festival of the Trees?

  5. Wonderful job of capturing the detail and variety! A great reminder to stop and admire all the beauty of nature…thanks for that!

  6. Wonderful work! So many interesting and different textures. Bark details are so very beautiful!

  7. I know what you mean about taking more notice of trees! I’m the same, noticing much more than I used to. Patterns and textures of nature are so interesting, and you have captured some wonderful ones in the bark. I’ve also learned that the outer bark layer is referred to as the rhytidome.

  8. WOW, I love these.
    What a beautiful collection!
    I love to see the different structures and feel them đŸ™‚

  9. Isn’t bark amazing? One of my favorites is the paper birch (at least I think that’s the name). One of my neighbors has one- the bark continually flakes off in large, thin sheets.

  10. Beautiful! I love the smooth bark on the second last pic.

  11. […] aspens on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, a woodland path in Dorset, a park in India (no snow there!), bark textures in Switzerland, and one beautiful photo of an icy leaf that Eric Burke titles, intriguingly, […]

  12. LOVE it!! totally know what you mean – i’ve been noticing barks so much more even since i started nature blogging and they are so varied and fascinating. great pictures.

  13. I love projects like this that focus attention on something overlooked by most. Beautiful photos!

  14. These pictures give me an idea for training up the apprentice arborists under me. Tree ID with bark patterns. I’ve used twigs, branching structure, and of coarse leaves, but somehow I’ve never thought to do a class on just tree bark.

  15. mmm… gorgeous, just love the texture of bark…. and yes i notice so much more now that i photograph the progress of trees through the year. Have been caught out a bit this week, some rapid bud growth here.

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