The Tree Year

You can join the Tree Year project anytime! Or just go and see more than 50 people from around the world sharing their observations.

A project started by dreamfalcon in December 2010.

~ by Natalie on March 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Tree Year”

  1. H there, I linked you on my latest post. I put a pic from a tree I took in novemeber, I will go back to it and update you with the changes in winter and spring. This is my blog in spanish though.

  2. Thanks again for the hard work you’ve put into it!

  3. A nice idea. Good luck!

  4. Great nest box. I’d love to see a blue tit (you are the second post I’ve seen about this beautiful little guy) … and I’ve never seen it or, really, heard of it until before. And now I am lusting to find it.

  5. love you blog! wonderful photos!

  6. What a sweet invention!

  7. Hello there,

    My tree year is so sad: many of them are dying, because of the contunued drought in our area, uk.
    Can’t bear to think about it.

  8. The parrot is a Red-rumped parrot, see my post of this same week.
    The Sydney bird is the ubiquitous New Holland Honey Eater.

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