Variations of black and red

A walk in the vineyard on Friday – beautiful warm day and lots of insects: variations of black and red. (Click on the photo enlarges them).

Ladybugs are always a nice catch even though this Asian / Japanese / Harlequin Ladybug is putting the local ones in danger. (Harmonia axyridis – Asiatischer Marienkäfer)


I think I’ve never seen a Cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa coccinea – Feuerroter Scharlachkäfer) before – or better: never realized:


This impressive and big (body length about 2.5 cm) black beetle is a Capricorn Beetle (Cerambyx scopolii – Kleiner Eichenbock). I was so thrilled to see that beauty.


Those Soldier Beetles (Cantharis fusca – Gemeiner Weichkäfer) were everywhere:



And of course sitting in the warm sun were little Lizards, adding a little blue to the spring colors.


~ by Natalie on April 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “Variations of black and red”

  1. I love black and red!! The Capricorn Beetle is my favorite!

  2. Beautiful close-up critter images! Love the ladybug!

  3. Fantastic captures!!!

  4. Beautiful macro shots and what a diversity!

  5. Nice collection!
    In Germany I haven’t seen many of the above either, but Hungary and Korea was great for insects – here? Not so much 😛
    I love that Capricorn beetle!

  6. Very nice macro series…. Love it.

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