Loosing Colors

The colorful Mallard drake is not as colorful anymore as in courting season.They were having a nap in the morning sun – and honestly, they looked a little hung over…





… and so did the male Red-crested Pochard in the middle of all the Mute Swan feathers.


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~ by Natalie on June 14, 2011.

17 Responses to “Loosing Colors”

  1. Well family life can be stressful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River,l Canada.

  2. I’ve got mallards posted today too. I hope to see more males in eclipse plumage towards the end of the summer when they look like the females (except the beak color!)

  3. I haven’t been by my park lately. It might be worth a trip.
    I love that little Pochard.
    Nice captures!

  4. Great job on these captures and the colors of the plumage!

  5. It can be a scruffy time of year for some birds.

  6. Interesting post ! I like Mallards and it’s always fun to watch them:)

  7. … they are stil beautiful–Great shots especially the little pochard!!

  8. A great series of photos. The first one does look very sleepy!

  9. Great post. We all eventually loose our physical beauty. Great pictures.

  10. You got some nice close-ups, I like the detail you captured in the feathers.

  11. Twenty years to raise a human child, birds have it easy! Very funny post and great photos!

  12. Lovely shots of the Mallards.

  13. The mallards might have dulled a bit but they still are beautiful. Love the pochard! Terrific images!

  14. Nice shots of these sleepy ducks!

  15. They are still such lovely ducks, and lol for the hung over comment!

  16. Very nice pictures, I was wondering is the breeding season almost over.


  17. There’s no such thing as an un-beautiful mallard – but the pochard does look charmingly frazzled!


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