Long Legs – Spiders and Robberfly

I found those two spiders on the same house: the first is some sort of Tarantual, hairy and thick. I have no idea what the other one is, but anything but hairy and thick.



Also the Robberfly (probably a Golden-Tabbed Robberfly – Eutolmus rufibarbis – Raubfliege) has long legs – and hairy…



~ by Natalie on August 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Long Legs – Spiders and Robberfly”

  1. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how diverse the animal kingdom is. Even though these are all insects, there is such variety. Thanks for capturing them so beautifully and sharing them!

  2. You got some fascinating fellows there.
    I totally love that Robberfly :)!

  3. Excellent shots of insects that I do not see over here 😉

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