My Bird List – final

My photo bird list is finished for the moment – it’s up to 345 birds. I added a search field – for example you can search for USA, to get all my photos from Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington.

Click here, I hope you enjoy that kind of bird poster 🙂

Could you, by the way, help me with this one. I have identified it as a Cackling Goose (branta huchinsii) – is this correct? And please don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m mistaken with anything else. Thanks.

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~ by Natalie on October 30, 2011.

23 Responses to “My Bird List – final”

  1. Well, I apologize if you already know this, but the Cackling Goose is VERY similar in appearance to another much more common and widespread species, the Canada Goose. (For a long time “cackling goose” was just considered an especially small subspecies.) Like I said, sorry if you already knew that and had decided this was a Cackling, not a Canada, based on size, proportions, etc!

    • Thanks Rebecca, no apologies nessecary!
      I though that the shorter neck defines it as a Cackling Goose.
      Did I get you right: is it that today they are not differentiating them anymore? (The list of still has both).

      • They are considered separate species now – they were split fairly recently. Like I said, I’m not clear enough on what makes a goose a Cackling Goose to really differentiate between a Cackling and a small Canada.

    • Thanks for the clarification, that was fast 🙂
      Maybe someone else can help – we’ll see.
      happy birding!

  2. I thought maybe you were being facetious! My goodness, I did not know about Cackling geese. I think I may have seen these smaller versions of the C. goose now that I am aware of the variation. I appreciate the education!
    I really enjoyed your efforts in cataloging your life list. What a mighty work that must have been and well worth while. Your globe trotting is most impressive!

  3. cool, you have doen a great job doing those lists. I have no clue of how many birds I have. 🙂 But I DO have teh canadian. 🙂

  4. Great close Up!! Boom &n Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. A lovely bird to see…

  6. so beautiful

  7. Great closeup, I would have to see both together to see the difference.

  8. Nice photo of the goose – whatever it may be called!

  9. I frankly don’t mind which one it is, I’m just very partial to all geese. Great shot.
    Your bird list spurs me on to write mine up too although I have no photos oa all the overseas birds but it could be interesting anyway.

  10. It is a BEAUTIFUL goose:)

  11. This is a lovely shot. What a fantastic job you did, photographing and cataloging your list.

  12. Thank you all!

  13. Beautiful! I have no idea which one it is. pretty picture anyway!

  14. Congrats of your impressive Life List!
    I’m no help with an ID but I like the shot.

  15. That is quite a species list — congrats!

  16. Not gonna lie, to an American it’s very interesting to read comments from people in other parts of the world “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing over a Canada (??) Goose. Here they’re so common we rarely give them a second look – in fact they’re pests in a lot of places. Just goes to show you, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – when I went to Australia I went nuts over the parrots that the locals considered common and boring.

  17. Hi Natalie. It is difficult to tell from that angle if it is a Cackler or not but it looks like a regular Canada Goose, Branta canadensis, to me. A profile shot is the best to differentiate the two unless you see them together. The Cackling Goose has a much shorter bill and is quite a bit smaller than the larger Canada Goose. Unless it’s the angle on this shot, the body of this bird looks pretty long, also making me think it’s the larger goose. Most Cacklers I’ve seen also have a darker breast.

    • Thanks a lot, Larry for the explanation. I know the photo is a bit difficult. But at the moment of taking it, I was just thinking it’s a Canadian. But then I thought, maybe…
      But I believe now, that I’ll have to remove the Cackling from my life list. Well, maybe next time 🙂

  18. I had never heard of Cackling Geese. I would have just assumed it was a Canada Goose. I can’t tell which one it is, but I learned something new.

  19. Well done on the 345 speices, I’m at the same level 😉

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