Nest and Monkeys

For today I have a special nest story: it’s one of the Clay-colored Thrushes or Robins (Turdus grayi – Gilbdrossel) and how they are defending their nest.

That’s how the Thrushes look:

Their nest was a little protected from Panama City’s heat by some leaves.

But the Thrush sitting on the nest had the beak open to cool itself down a little.

Once or twice a day their life got busy. The Geoffroy’s Tamarins (Saguinus geoffroyi – Geoffroy-Perückenaffen) or mono tití, as they are called by the locals, came for the bananas and the Thrushes were defending their nest. The monkeys never got very close to the nest, but maybe they will as soon as the little Thrushes have hatched.

~ by Natalie on April 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Nest and Monkeys”

  1. Great post, I do hope the thrushes manage to guard their young successfully!

  2. For all the Tamarin enthusiast out there, I have just released a game for the iPhone/iPad that features a Golden-headed Lion Tamarin, called Monkeyshines! Here is the gameplay trailer: and you can download the game here: (10% of the sales are going to a leading conservation organization).

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