Duck, Gull, Pigeon and Sparrow – what the bird…

There is a children’s song in German called “Amsel, Drossel, Fink und Star” (Blackbird, Thrush, Finch and Starling). Probably not too many know how those birds look like. And most of the time people just say “the” duck, gull, pigeon or sparrow.
In the series “What the bird…” I’d like to give a little information and show some photos of the birds, that are around us (here in Switzerland).

Black-headed Gull
For the start of the new year I show the first bird I saw on January 1st: “the gull” or more precisely the Black-headed Gull.In the winter months big flocks sit on bridges or in harbors. As soon as there is food they come flying and then fight about the pieces they caught.
Black-headed Gull

Gulls are pretty hard to identify, because they look just a little different every calendar year. The Black-headed Gull is not so hard. It is one of our smaller Gulls and the juveniles don’t look too different from the adults.
Black-headed Gull juvenile
They still have some brown feathers but already have the brown spot on the ear. The adults don’t have any brown anymore and in breeding plumage they have a distinctive chocolate brown hood.Black-headed Gull breeding plumage

More information:

Portrait in German

~ by Natalie on January 2, 2014.

3 Responses to “Duck, Gull, Pigeon and Sparrow – what the bird…”

  1. That’s a beautiful project “What the bird…” Looking forward to follow it 🙂 I also live in Switzerland (Zurich) and I am very curious about birds, although I am still quite ignorant. Your project is a good chance to learn!

  2. Wonderful photos, Natalie! I’m looking forward to more “What the Bird” posts.

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