What the bird… #6: Mute Swan

Again –  the Mute Swan normally is just “the swan” and actually the only Swan we have. As winter guests on Lake Constance we do have other all-white Tundra- and Whooper Swans with partially yellow beaks.
Mute Swan

The Mute Swan has a beautiful orange beak in nice contrast with the all white appearance.
Mute Swan

When I was still little I always thought that the nose hole is the eye. And my mother told us the story that the swans are married if they are wearing a ring. Today she says that she never would have said something like this and maybe I heard the story somewhere else or I invented it myself.
In German the Mute Swan (cygnus olor) is called Swan with knuckle (Höckerschwan). It isn’t really mute – it can grunt and its wings creak when flying. So the mute is probably to show the difference to the Whooper Swan (called Singing Swan in German) – but I have never heard one of these and so I can’t say anything about it.

And by the way: can you see an “ugly duckling” here?

More information: http://vogelwarte.ch/mute-swan.html

Portrait in German

~ by Natalie on February 12, 2014.

5 Responses to “What the bird… #6: Mute Swan”

  1. I like the idea of married swans wearing rings – whatever the source of the idea.

    You know your tree year blog in 2011? Every year, I follow a tree through its seasons. I was already doing that with an elderberry tree and am carrying on still – reminding readers of the idea from time to time. I’m having another burst of activity on this front very informally in 2014, inviting people to linki up through my blog Loose and Leafy – http://looseandleafy.blogspot.co.uk/ I’m not very efficient but I am enthusiastic and it would be great if you were able to join us by following a tree you love – or one you would like to get to know better.


  2. Stunning swan images! I love to see them floating lazily in the ponds.

  3. Characterful creatures.

  4. Bother. That comment was meant to be on the crickets post. Sorry.

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