Warm and Stormy January Day – part I

They announced warm 14°C (57°F) weather for today and I decided to take my camera and go for a long walk along a lake (Greifensee) with lots of nature. Here are my impressions (click on the photos to enlarge).

I started around 8.30am just when the sun came out behind the clouds.

morning sun

Walking along the little river I suddenly saw a beaver (Biber – Castor fiber) – I probably have never seen one that close.
Beaver - Biber - Castor fiber

Some of the birds I saw:

Red Kite (Rotmilan – Milvus Milvus) – there were many of them dancing in the wind.


Northern Shoveler (Löffelente – Anas clypeata)2015_01_10-11

Grey Heron (Graureiher – Ardea cinerea)2015_01_10-12

European Blue Tit (Blaumeise – Cyanistes caeruleus)2015_01_10-16

~ by Natalie on January 10, 2015.

One Response to “Warm and Stormy January Day – part I”

  1. I saw Red Kites for the first time a few years ago, while I was visiting Berlin. they are very neat birds.

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