A Spring Day

For four hours we walked around the Flachsee, where the river Reuss gets broader like a lake. It was a warm and overcast spring day. Just perfect – before all the young green leaves hide all the singing birds.

Over all we saw 54 species: some migrating waders like the Black-Tailed Godwit (Uferschnepfe – Limosa Limosa)

or the Common Greenshank (Grünschenkel). But also a breeding colony of Yellow-Legged Gulls (Mittelmeermöwe _ Larus Michahellis) – at least 50 nests and almost 150 gulls.
Yellow-Legged Gulls

and at least four families of Greylag Geese (Graugänse – Anser Anser) with up to seven goslings.
Greylag Goose


Just as the sun came out there was a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Kleinspecht – Dendrocops Minor) picking away in the tree above us.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

~ by Natalie on April 12, 2015.

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