June around HAFL

HAFL is the abbrevation for the “School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL” where I work. During breaks or after work I like to have a little stroll around the meadows and woods (especially the permaculture garden and wood garden). Those are the insects I saw in June 2022, I uploaded them on inaturalist.org

  • 13 different Beetles (Coleoptera, Käfer) link on inaturalist
  • 10 different Flies (Diptera, Zweiflügler) link on inaturalist
  • 12 different True Bugs and Hoppers (Hemiptera, Wanzen und kleine Zikaden) link on intauralist
  • 4 different Ants, Bees, Wasps, Sawflies (Hymenoptera, Ameisen, Bienen, Wespen, Pflanzenwespen ) link on inaturalist
  • 15 different Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera, Schmetterlinge und Nachtfalter) link on inaturalist)
  • One (dead) Dragonfly (Odonata) at the station and one teenaged Grasshopper (Orthoptera)

~ by Natalie on July 1, 2022.

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