A surprise: Club-legged Grasshopper

After finding a new Lady Beetle for my list (see Blog post here) I was lucky again only some days later. A friend showed me a grasshopper and I took some photos. Only when I was processing the photos at home I got aware of the “balloons” on its legs: a Club-legged Grasshopper (Sibirische Keulenschrecke Gomphocerus sibiricus). I have to remind myself of always taking the photos, sometimes interesting details are just not seen in the field.

I like the composition of this photo of a little Setina aurita (Kleiner Flechtenbär). It sat on a rock on the Parpaner Rothorn at about 2860 m.a.s.l (9511 ft)

More photos of the day at Parpaner Rothorn on my iNaturlist page.


~ by Natalie on August 11, 2022.

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