Lady Beetle #13

It was just a short trip up the Stockhorn (Bern, Switzerland) with visiting friends on the beginning of August. I didn’t really have time to take photos. The view was spectacular and my out-of-focus zoomed-in take on a lady beetle sitting on a Monkshood (Blauer Eisenhut – Aconitum napellus) turned out to be a Notated Lady Beetle (Berg-Marienkäfer – Ceratomegilla notata) – a first for me, and my number 13 on my Lady Beetle list.

Probably Field Gentian (Feld-Fransenenzian – Gentianella campestris); Alpine Pasqueflower (Alpen-Küchenschelle – Pulsatilla alpina); Probably Large Ringlet (Weissbindiger Bergwald-Mohrenfalter – Erebia euryale); Alpine Chough (Alpendohle – Pyrrhocorax graculus)


~ by Natalie on August 11, 2022.

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