The very old linden tree

Probably the biggest tree in the Canton of Aargau is a linden tree close to Linn on the Bötzberg. The tree stands 20 meters tall with a circumference of 11 meters – probably older than 350 years. A beautiful tree and a nice starting point a short roundtrip.

The short hike is along old pathways used some hundred years ago. The stories are written on panels along the “Natur- und Kulturweg Linn”. We walked on over the crest of the hill, through beech and pine forest, past waterfall, quarry and pond.

Even though it was rather hot, we managed to see some insects and some birds, like Goldcrests (no photo). Small heath (Kleines Wiesenvögelchen – Coenonympha pamphilus) being surrounded by a Common Blue (Hauhechel-Bläuling – Polyommatus icarus); A Eurasian Hummingbird Hawkmoth (Taubenschwänzchen – Macroglossum stellatarum) feeding on a dry flower and the camouflage of a Sloe Bug (Beerenwanze – Dolycoris baccarum)

The rest of the animals as always on iNaturalist.

Information about the linden tree and the walk are here in German and here.


~ by Natalie on August 17, 2022.

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