I love birds, insects and nature in general.
I love to take photos.

From August 22 until July 23 I am taking an unpaid leave to follow my dreams. Life will still happen and that’s fine.

Follow my travels on polarsteps.com

See my nature sightings on inaturalist.org

11 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Dreamfalcon it would be nice if we knew your first name at least so we could call you by name 😉

  2. you can also call me Natalie 🙂

  3. Hi Natalie, I am trying to figure out where your home base is. Switzerland? Zuerich? Germany? Berlin?

  4. Hello Dreamfalcon – how lovely that you dropped by my blog – and now I can learn about birds in Switzerland! What a treat. I enjoy your photographs tremendously, thanks for sharing them with the world.

  5. Greuzi
    If you live between Zurich and Luzerne you must be in the Sins/Emmen area?
    Know a couple of really good green roofs there with Lapwing nestin gon them.
    By the way love the treeof the year project.

  6. Glad you like my Oystercatchers! I’m glad, too, that i have found your blog.

  7. hi, just seen your site on the fatbirder

    i have given our blog -we are 4 guys who enjoy birding -if ever you need any help searching for birds etc let us know.

    We live in the Basel area

    there are great sites on our blog –





  8. Hey Natalie,

    great site with lots of information. I found it because you were posting a question on our site http://www.vogelundnatur.de.

    Keep up the good work! Maybe we can do something together in the future like a guest blog post.

    All the best,


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