Eggs and Nest

This could be my last post about our Blue Tits nesting on our balcony – but never say never…

Larry from The Birders’s Report suggested in a comment to one of my posts to clean out the nest box and maybe the Blue Tits will have a second brood. So I lifted the mossy nest out of the box and what a surprise there was still an egg inside – maybe not fertilized or just not properly developed, who knows. (Thanks Larry!)

The egg of the Blue Tit is 1.5 cm (little more than half an inch) long. This is so tiny, it’s hard to think of a bird coming out of it. The House Sparrow’s egg I found close by is about 2cm (almost an inch).

Roll mouse over the photo to get information and click to get a bigger photo.







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~ by Natalie on June 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Eggs and Nest”

  1. Fascinating to have put up a nesting box and then to be able to watch the birds and their nesting all this time. The egg sizes are so small. Great photos showing details of the nesting material too.

  2. those egg shells are like small pieces of art. Tehy are beautiful.

  3. Excellent photos of the nest and eggs Natalie! What a great series of posts on these little gems!

  4. What an amazing experience! The nest and tiny eggs are so interesting to see. Thanks for sharing this wonderful event.

  5. What a very pretty speckled duck, I love the bright red on its bill.

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