Combe Pilouvi – the witch’s bath

Close to the beautiful medieval village of La Neuveville at the Lake of Biel is the entrance to the “Combe Pilouvi”. The beautiful canyon did not have that much water (since there was not much rain this summer), but nevertheless it was beautiful. And they say, that witches used to take their bath here…

Even though I was much faster than normally (my colleagues walked their normal pace…) I was able to see some interesting fauna and flora. Some were pointed out to me by my colleagues 🙂

1st row: Timarcha, member of Leaf Beetles (Tatzenkäfer – Danke Dani!) / A Horsehair worm (Saitenwurm – Nematomorpha – Danke Astrid!) / Vernal Shield Bug (FrĂĽhlings-Baumwanz – Peribalus strictus ssp. vernalis)

2nr row: European Cyclamen (Alpenveilchen – Cyclamen purpurascens) / the caterpillar of a Festoon (Raupe des Grossen Schneckenspinners – Apoda limacodes) / a young Common Slowworm (eine junge Blindschleiche – Anguis fragilis) /

3rd row: Hornet Mimic Hover Fly (Hornissenschwebefliege – Volucella zonaria) / Four-spotted Moth (Ackerwinden-Trauereule – Tyta luctuosa) / Small Blue (Zwerg-Bläuling – cupido minimus)


~ by Natalie on August 23, 2022.

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