Feeding started

It seems like the little Blue Tits have hatched. Probably around May 1st, because around this date the two adults started bringing lots of protein food to the nest: little green caterpillars, spiders and other insects. Too bad I don’t know how many nestlings there are.







A wasp was looking into the hole of the bird house but flew away again – none of the adults were around to take it for another protein meal.
We discovered that the Blue Tits bring insect one by on, in contrast to the House Sparrow who takes a mouth full before returning to the nest:


~ by Natalie on May 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Feeding started”

  1. Great photos! I still love the nest box.

  2. Oh joy! You have a fabulous view. Wonderful images of a most beautiful bird! They certainly are busy parents. Always a pleasure to stop by your splendid blog!

  3. Lovely photos. How great to have such good views of the adults as they go in and out feeding the young ones.

  4. Babies! Congratulations, even if you can’t see them. The parents must be a joy to watch. 🙂

  5. the blue tit looks good outside it´s home. Nice to see it works. 🙂

  6. …such a sweet little bird, and so neat too! Interesting observation about bringing insects one at a time to the nest.

  7. Great captures Natalie! The one with the spider is very cool!

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