A Walk in the Snow – part III

I had lots of answers to my Bird Quiz from last week – that was fun and thank you to everyone who participated. Holdingmoments got five out of eight correct: Congratulations again!

Here are the results:

#1: Female Common Merganser – Gänsesäger – Mergus merganser

#2: Common Coots fighting – Blässhuhn – fulica atra (click here for a Coot portrait in an older post)

#3: Little Grebe – Zwergtaucher – Tachybaptus ruficollis

#4: Dunlin – Alpenstrandläufer – Calidris alpina (click here for a Dunlin portrait in an older post)

#5: Common Chiffchaff – Zilpzalp –Phylloscopus collybita

#6: Eurasian Curlew – Grosser Brachvogel – Numenius arquata

#7: Male Tufted Duck – Reiherente –Aythya fuligula (click here for a Tufted Duck portrait in an older post)

#8: Moorhen – Teichhuhn – Gallinula chloropus

See more bird photography from around the world, go to Bird Photography Weekly!

~ by Natalie on December 11, 2010.

12 Responses to “A Walk in the Snow – part III”

  1. These are SUPER!

  2. Sadly, I failed the quiz. All I saw were pretty birds!

  3. Lovely shots – all of them.
    Hard to believe all these Beauties are there in winter, wow!

  4. The Eurasian Curlew is especially interesting to me. It looks to be similar in size to the Eastern Curlew that migrates down here for the summer but the beak is not so curved. All very interesting photos.

  5. What a beak there is on that curlew! It better be careful walking around with that thing.

  6. it feels strange to see that kind of birds in snow. But maybe it is not that uncommon. Great shot of the curlev and the moorhen.

    I´ll check out the tree project. 🙂

  7. Wow, nice shots Natalie! I does seem odd to me to see the waders in the snow. And the quiz you posted, pretty tough.

  8. …seems so strange to see a curlew walking around in the snow. I’m used to seeing them in warmer climes around here. I love that little Tufted Duck too!

  9. Fun post. I don’t expect to see Moorhens or Cuelews in snow! I’ve only seen them in warm coastal climates. Nice surprise. Adorable Tufted Duck with his fine hair do!

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